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Notes from the Field: Day Two from Amanda Booth

Day Two and Karenn and I were headed back to Tahsis. My focus was the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation (PSkF), Stream Walks project which involves a series of photos along a salmon spawning river to create an on-line virtual tour. I started this project last summer in Naramata Creek in the Okanagan. To experience the streams follow this link: (

The Tahsis River is a beautiful place set within a mountainous valley which made for gorgeous photographs. I realized how lucky I am to have found a job in this remote area and to volunteer with Nootka Sound Watershed (NSWS) and PSkF. When we first met, Karenn asked if I was sure I wanted to spend my days off in the field with her. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my free time, walking streams and seeing the wilderness of Vancouver Island.

The game plan for the day was to walk the Tahsis River to the point where it dries up in summer. Sadly, there is over 2 km that go dry, stranding returning spawners - something NSWS is looking into. We didn’t quite make it to the end of the river, my camera battery died, and it was getting late, so we made a note of how far we got and plan to finish another day.

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