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Introducing: Karenn Bailey, RBTech

This week the NSWS welcomed Karenn Bailey, our new Stewardship Coordinator. Karenns role will be to develop the NSWS' watershed recovery plan and grow the profile of our organization through strategic partnerships.

Read more about Karenn below:

Karenn Bailey, RBTech

Stewardship Coordinator

Nootka Sound Watershed Society

Karenn Bailey is a professional Registered Biology Technologist, business person and conservationist. Since 2017 Karenn has been an advocate for the ecological health of Area 25/26 and actively pursuing initiatives and projects that seek to enhance and restore natural capital in the Nootka Island Region and build scientific knowledge and capacity of its citizens. She believes that true sustainability considers and integrates social, cultural, environmental and economic factors and recognizes that all resources (natural, cultural, financial and human capacity) are limited.

Karenn was born in BC to sport fishing parents and so spent much of her childhood in a small boat on the saltchuck, in rowboats on interior lakes and walking salmon streams on the coast. Her love of nature led her to become a wilderness guide, park worker, and nature educator. She has a BSc. in Ecological Restoration, Diploma in Natural Resources and a broad business background working for-profit, non-profit and First Nations. She enjoys building multi-stakeholder teams, sharing her love of nature, learning from others, and protecting and celebrating BC’s living legacy.

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